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2022 (Events)

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Date Events Details
Dec 1-3 Inter Gulf and 50th Anniversary Hosted by the Bahrain H3 in Bahrain.  See additional pre and post lubes.
Dec 1-4 1st Anniversary Hosted by the Asunción H3 in Asunción, Paraguay.
Dec 2-4 1000th Run Hosted by the Koh Samui H3 in Koh Samui, Thailand.
Dec 2-4
Tampa Nekkid Hosted by the Tampa Bay H3 in Land O' Lakes, FL, USA.
Dec 2-4 Pearl Harbor XXXVI Hosted by the Waukesha H3 in Milwaukee, WI, USA.
Dec 2-4 Winter Camping Hosted by the Dallas H3 in Santo, TX, USA.$12-2022.php
Dec 8-10 SHOT 33 Hosted by the Solstice Hash On Tour in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
Dec 9-11 12 Down Downs of Christmas Hosted by the Sembach H3 around Kaiserslautern, Germany.
2022 Sembach 12 Down Downs (
Dec 9-11
Fantasy Bucket
(Trash Prom)
Hosted by the Carolina Trash H3 in Fayetteville, NC, USA.
Dec 10-23 On On to Antarctica This is a two week adventure sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina.
Cruise Details . . .
Hasher Group . . .
Dec 30 - Jan 1 500th Hash Hosted by the Downtown Wilmington H3 in Wilmington, NC, USA,

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