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2022 (Events)

Date Events Details
May 6-8 Boozy Luzy Away Weekend Hosted by the Riviera H3 in Calanques/Marseille, France.  
May 6-8 Stinko Hosted by the Harrisburg-Hershey H3 in York Haven, PA, USA.
May 7-8 1000th Hash Hosted by the Emerald Coast H3 in Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA.
May 13-15 Away Hash Hosted by the Brasilia H3 in Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil.
May 13-15 2300th Run Hosted by the Gold Coast H3 at the Beaudesert Caravan Park, Australia.
May 13-15 Friday 13th Two Night Stand Horror Hash Campout Hosted by the Luna Ticks H3 in Franklin, NC, USA.
May 14-15 Inaugural Hash Hosted by the O-Kiss-Me H3 in Orlando, FL, USA.
May 20-22 AGM
Weekend at Bernie's
Hosted by the Mount Vernon H3 in Dewey Beach, DE, USA.
May 20-22 5th Annual Campout Hosted by the Palmetto H3 in Kingstree, SC, USA.
May 27-29 Island Weekend Hosted by the Athens H3 on the island of Corfu, Greece,  This event has an additional optional day in Albania.
May 27-29 Voodoo Campout Hosted by the Voodoo H3 in Hammond, LA, USA.
May 27-29 Eighth Anal Mywhorial Hosted by the Skull & Boners H3 in New Haven, CT, USA.
May 27-30 USA Nash Hash Hosted by the Gulf Coast H3 in Cleveland, AL, USA.
May 28-29 40th Anniversary Hosted by the Addis Ababa H3 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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