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2022 (Events)

Date Events Details
Apr 1-3 Texas Interhash Hosted by the Fort Worth H3 in Mt. Enterprise, TX, USA.
Apr 1-3 Camp Fun-a-muck Hosted by the Other Orlando H3 in Deland, FL, USA.
Apr 1-10
Postponed to Apr 2023
Vietnam Train Bash Hosted by Wild Wolf Productions starting from Hanoi, Vietnam.
Apr 8-10 Green Jacket Weekend Hosted by the Peach Fuzz H3 in Leesville, SC, USA.
Apr 8-10 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Jacksonville H3 in Jacksonville, FL, USA.
Apr 10-17 Prelube Cruise #1 Hosted by the Moons Over Barbados H3 sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts and back to San Juan.
Apr 15-18 Hashing Through Heaven to Hell Hosted by the Boston H3 in Boston, MA, USA.
Apr 17-22 Hash Cruise Hosted by the San Diego H3 sailing from San Diego, CA, USA.
Apr 17-24 Prelube Cruise #2 Hosted by the Moons Over Barbados H3 sailing from Barbados to Tobago, Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica and St. Lucia and back to Barbados.
Apr 18-23 Babe's Hash Cruise Caveat - Commercial Hash Activity, sailing from Jacksonville, FL, USA. 
Apr 22-24 Camp Rode'ho Hosted by the Tallahassee & Area H3 in Quincy, FL, USA.
Apr 23-25
Tobago Prelube This is the official prelube for INTERHASH, on the neighbor island.
Apr 25 - May 1 OUTERHASH Hosted by a group of ragtag hashers and local hares in Trinidad.
Apr 29 - May 1
INTERHASH Hosted by the Port O Spain H3 in Trinidad.

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