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2022 (Events)

Date Events Details
Feb 3-5 Little Mo's Big Campout Hosted by the Little Mo H3 in the desert, UAE.
Feb 4-6 Joint Run Hosted by 4 hash clubs in Narooma, Australia.
Feb 11-13 Hole In The Ice Hosted by the HELsinki H4 in Kotoranta, Finland.
Feb 11-13 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Vulcan H3 in Birmingham, AL, USA.
Feb 11-13 40th Birthday Hosted by the Gladstone H3 at Lake Awoonga Caravan Park, Australia.
Feb 14-20 1500th Run Hosted by the Dayton H3 in Dayton, OH, USA.
Feb 17-20 Winter-Rude Hosted by the Ottawa H3 in Ottawa, Canada.
Feb 17-20 Rehab and RDR in Puerto Vallarta Hosted by the Puerto Vallarta H3 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Feb 21 - Mar 2
Postponed until 2023
Panama Hash Cruise Sailing from Panama City, Panama.

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