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2021 (Events)

Date Events Details
Sep 28 - Oct 5 30th Anniversary Hosted by the Aloha H3 on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
Oct 1-3 Borderline Hash Hosted by the Dresden H3 in Reinhardtsdorf, Germany.
Oct 1-3 OctoBEERfest Hosted by the Wildcard H3 in Ginnie Springs, FL, USA. 
Oct 8-10
Postponed to Oct 2022
PanAsia Hosted by the Magelang H3 in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia,
Oct 8-10 40th Anniversary Hosted by the Gympy H3 in Imbil, QLD, Australia.
Oct 15-17 Florida / Georgia Interhash Hosted by the Jacksonville Urban H3 in White Springs, FL, USA.
Oct 22-24
Postponed to Feb 2023
Philippine Nash Hash Hosted by the La Union H3 in La Union, Philippines.
Oct 21-24 India Nash Hash & Monsoon Madness Hosted by the Hyderabad H3 out near the Interhash site in Goa, India.
Oct 22-24 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Portland Green Dress Team in Portland, OR, USA.
Oct 29-30 3rd Sarawak Nash Hash Hosted by the Miri Oil Town H3 in Miri, Malaysia.
Oct 29-31 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Bell-Scott H3 in Belleville, IL, USA.
Oct 29-21 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Las Vegas H3 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

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