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World Hash Events

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2021 (Events)

Date Events Details
Apr 2-5 Easter Migration Hosted by the First UK Full Moon H3 in Faro, Portugal.
Apr 10-11 One Night Stand Hosted by the Luna Ticks H3 in Marietta, SC, USA.
Apr 16-20
Postponed Indefinitely
3000th Hash Hosted by the Episkopi H3 in Episkopi, Greece.
Apr 17-18 900th Run Hosted by the Thirsty Thursday H3 in Austinville, QLD, Australia.
Apr 23-25
Fest Hash Hosted by the Stuttgart H3 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Apr 23-25 Camp Lebowski Hosted by the Tallahassee & Area H3 in Quincy, FL, USA.
Apr 24-26 AGM Hosted by the Colombo Harriettes in Ella, Sri Lanka.
Apr 30 - May 2 Texas Interhash Hosted by the GMs of various Texas Hash Clubs in Rockdale, TX, USA.
Apr 30 - May 3 China Nash Hash Hosted by the Kunming Chenggong H3 in Yunnan, China.

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