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World Hash Events - 2018

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2018 (Events)

Date Events Details
Jul 5-8 T.I.T.S. Hosted by the Tidewater H3 near Halifax, NC, USA.
Jul 6-8 Campout Hosted by the Ventura County H3 in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
Jul 6-14 Hedo II Hosted by the Hedo II H3 in Negril, Jamaica.
Jul 13-15 Hotter Than Hell Campout Hosted by the Seattle H3 in Granite Falls, WA, USA.
Jul 13-15 Friday the 13th Hosted by the Hertz H3 in Bristol, England, UK.
Jul 13-15 S&M Mom's Primitive Backyard Campout Hosted by the Palmetto H3 in Ridgeway, SC, USA.
Jul 14-15 FLash Campout Hosted by the Happy Heretics H3 near Charleston, NC, USA.
Jul 20-22 WASH Hosted by the Chattanooga Choo Choo H3 in Guild, TN, USA.
Jul 20-22 Hook Norton Camping Weekend Hosted by the London H3 in Hook Norton, Banbury, UK.
Jul 20-22 Ortega Campout Hosted by the Long Beach H3 at Lake Elsinore, CA, USA.
Jul 27-29 Hashers Turning 50 Hash Hosted by the Corned Beef and Hurricane H3 in Pompano Beach, FL, USA.
Jul 27-29 Whoreman Hash Camp Hosted by multiple hash clubs at Diamond Campground near Salt Lake, UT, USA.
Jul 27-29 Bayern Nash Hash Hosted by the Munich H3 in Forchheim, Germany.
Jul 27-29 The Princess Ride Hosted by the Whitehouse H3 in Rileyville, VA, USA.
Jul 27-29 UK Full Moon Nash Hash Hosted by the Milton Keynes H3 in Milton Keynes, UK.
Jul 27-29 Dirty XXX Weekend Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Sodus Point, NY, USA.
Jul 28-29 100th Hash Hosted by the Stuttgart Full Moon H3 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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